We are evolutionary ecologists working on the impacts of global change on species interactions, fitness and population size. We have a major focus on phenology, but we also work on other things, including space-for-time substitution, interaction networks and island biogeography.

For details about our work on the effects of climate on blue tits, caterpillars and trees in Scotland see


Current Members

Ally Phillimore

Ilaria Lonero (PhD) - examining the role of phenology and range shifts in British migratory woodland passerines, as adaptations to global warming

Rebecca Lovell (NERC E4 PhD) - testing the validity of space-for-time substitutions

Megan Stamp (NERC E4 PhD) - studying the effects of climate change on the phenology of multi-species communities

Alex Reiss (BBSRC EastBio PhD)


Former Members

Jakob Assmann (PhD, NERC - cosupervisor)

Liberty Gray (NERC E3 PhD)

Katharine Keogan (PhD - cosupervisor)

Kirsty MacPhie (NERC E3 PhD)

James Nicholls (NERC funded postdoc)

Jelmer Samplonius (NERC funded postdoc)

Jack Shutt (PhD, NERC)

Christine Tansey (PhD, NERC CASE)



Copyright of photos on page banner belongs to Liam McNulty (cuckoo flower and orange tip butterfly), Simon Redwood (blue tit eggs), and Chris Martin (frog spawn).