Postdoc (closing date - 25 October 2017) 

A three-year postdoctoral research position is available in a NERC funded project studying the relationship between temperature and optimal breeding phenology of blue tits over space and time. The research will involve field data collection and manipulative experiments replicated across 44 sites along a 200km transect in the Scottish Highlands, combined with analysis of metabarcoding derived diet data, and application of novel statistical models. The relationship between temperature and optimum phenology is key to predicting population responses to climate change and the postdoc will establish (i) whether this relationship varies among populations; (ii) its mechanistic underpinnings and (iii) whether space can substitute for time in estimating the relationship. Essential experience includes the statistical analysis of complex data sets and the use of hierarchical (mixed) models. Some experience with large-scale fieldwork would be useful and the applicant must have good communication skills and be able to manage a team of field assistants. Link


PhD Opportunities

2017 PhD opportunities will be posted soon.



I would always be very happy to hear from anyone who might be interested in applying for a fellowship (e.g., Marie Curie, or Royal Society Newton fellowships) to join the group.