We are evolutionary ecologists working on the impacts of global change on species interactions and fitness. One of our main research themes uses extensive datasets on the spring phenology of plants and animals to try to identify the cues and mechanisms responsible for the spatial and temporal phenological variation. 


Group Members

Ally Phillimore  (head of group, NERC Advanced Fellow)

Jakob Assmann (PhD student, NERC - cosupervisor)

Katharine Keoghan (PhD student - cosupervisor)

Jack Shutt (PhD student, NERC)

Christine Tansey (PhD student, NERC CASE)


Former Members

Luis Valente (as Marie Curie fellow)

Neil Rosser (as PhD student, NERC)

Copyright of photos on page banner belongs to Liam McNulty (cuckoo flower and orange tip butterfly), Simon Redwood (blue tit eggs), and Chris Martin (frog spawn).